Saturday, October 17, 2015

Prodigy Trades translated into LotFP Part I

Prodigy does not have a vanilla fantasy backbone, which means that most D&D classes are not appropriate - any class involving elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, etc. is out immediately, as are any that refer to traditional wizards, sorcerers, and druids (in the normal D&D sense), among others.  This is problematic when, for example, you are trying to run a LotFP game for your local Tabletop Gaming Association in the world of Prodigy.  Playing strictly by the rules, you are down to 3 classes - fighters, specialists, and clerics (which are the priests of the One True  God).  Since I am trying to be inclusive, I am allowing traditional wizards, but I've also made it very clear that most magic does not happen the way traditional wizards do it.

Well, my players have progressed away from the human-centric center regions, they are now able to create non-human characters and therefore have access to the non-standard abilities these new related classes have.  So, inspired by Goblin Punch's excellent series of posts (there are others, too), here is one of the Prodigy trades rendered system-less for general digestion.

Druids worship powerful Sidh (capricious elves and fairies and nymphs and dryads and maenads and enki and shabiri and djinni and stuff), giving them gifts in exchange for tutelage in their particular branch of magic: sorcery.

Druids are based on Magic-Users or Illusionists.

Herb Lore
Given time in a wild environment, druids can gather enough plants to make a poultice or poison, allowing them to double someone's hp recovery or knock someone out.  They do plant-things, whatever plant-things are in your game.

These are magical effects.  They don't work if the target or the druid is wearing silver.

Honeyed Words
1. By touching someone, the druid becomes their best friend.
2. The druid's friends happily comply with small favors
4. Friends of the druid will do anything the druid asks, as long as it is not clearly suicidal or violates their moral compass
8. Those affected by this magic will do anything the druid asks.

1. Change how a 25square yard or 9 cubic yard section of space looks
2. The illusion can now generate smells and sounds
4. The illusion can now move
8. The illusion is tangible - stairs can be climbed, swords cut, food sustains, etc.

1. Touched creature who fail their saves are fatigued.
2. Touched creatures instead can fall asleep.
4. The druid can erase or manufacture small details from the minds of a sleeping target.
8. The druid can wholly rewrite the memories of a sleeping target.

At character creation and at each subsequent level, the druid gets 1 point to spend on any of the 3 glamours, increasing its level by 1 (all glamours begin at level 0).

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